Water Test Kits and Equipments

Water Test kits are used for sewage as they are present in the intestines of man, and animals and are generally accompanied by harmful disease-causing bacteria. Types of tests like aluminium, calcium hardness, Zinc and Iron can be carried out to eliminate wastewater. Various types of water quality test kits, hand-held, online and pen type meters can be used for PH Testing, Chlorine testing and Total hardness testing. Instruments and water test kits in Sri Lanka is used for drinking water and boiler combination testing in water tanks and Swimming pools. Indicators papers and its equipments are used for the rapid determination of pH starch and other parameters of many applications in laboratories and industries in Sri Lanka. 



Water Test kits

Water Testing

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water testing

Dipslide Test Kits


bacteria testing Sri Lanka

Microbacteria Test Kits

Algae Test Kits Algae the plant like microorganisms are prolific…

Handheld meters Sri Lanka

Handheld meters PH/ORP

We have a wide range of meters which are handheld,…

PenType Meters Sri Lanka

Pen Type meters PH/TDS

Our range of portable Pen Type meters are economical range…

water testing Sri Lanka

Drinking water test kits

Water contaminated with bacteria is a major cause of water-borne…

chlorine tests Sri Lanka

Chlorine Test Kit

Chlorine is the most widely used oxidizing biocide today for…

water testing Sri Lanka

Total Hardness Test Kit

When water passes through or over deposits such as limestone…

Our Laboratory Electrodes are used in Measurements for parameters like pH, TDS, Conductivity and ORP. Our extensive range of quality electrodes and sensors are designed to make onsite or lab measurements in Sri Lanka reliable and accurate. The online controllers are used to control parameters for any process used in a wide variety of industries in Sri Lanka ranging from water, chemical products, pharmaceutical and  food processing companies. These online controller equipments are used to monitor process parameters and take corrective action with its relay & current output results. For more information on water test kits visit rakiro.


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