KZ Type (1m3/day to 2m3/day)

One more step in space-saving installation. The tank itself is the smallest design in the world. It can be built without having to chose a place, and even with a small excavation space, it will be labour-saving and make construction quicker

HCZ Type (4m3/day – 10m3/day)

Compact design helps reduce excavation and construction cost.

  • Easy install with one blower pipe.
  • Having ability of removing BOD and nitrogen.
  • The inner structure is simple for fewer problems and less maintenance needed.

K-HC-R Type ( 10 m3/day Upward) – Flow Equalizing Type- Moving Bed Media Filter Process

Achieve stable treatment with the flow control function + moving bed carrier filter process. Adaptable to various building applications by changing the flow control ratio.

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