Reverse osmosis filter with pump

Reverse osmosis is the most effective technology of drinking water purification. It reduces 99.8% of impurities, as well as odors, flavors and viruses making water clear, clean, tasty and safe for human health, both adults and children. Along with that, the reverse osmosis filter is one of the most cost-effective methods of domestic water purifiers.


Advantages of reverse osmosis filter:
  • World leader DOW FilmtecTM membrane (USA)
  • 5 stages of water purifiers
  • 11.8 L of drinking water per hour
  • Up to 7 L storage tank
  • Domestic pump included
  • Metal supporting structure to provide fixation of the filter
  • Warranty up to 12 months


Benefits of using the filter:


  • Source of absolutely clean and safe drinking water even for baby formula
  • Dishes cooked with the water will preserve essential vitamins essential for human health
  • Coffee beans and tea leaves open up their flavors and aroma
  • Home appliances (kettle, iron, steam cooker, air humidifier etc.) will be protected from scale
  • The clean water can be used to water flowers

Certain users of reverse osmosis filters doubt that so thoroughly purified water can supply human organism with important minerals. But scientists have proved up to 90% of minerals are provided with food, not water.

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domestic water purifiers

Ecosoft (made In germany)

domestic water purifiers

Propre (made In china)

Additional Information

Components of the filter:
    1. Filteration module with domestic pump
    2. Metal storage tank (general vol. 11 L, effective vol. up to 7 L)
    3. Stylish faucet ‘Modern’ for purified water
    4. Included feed water adaptor with feed valve for connection with water mains
    5. Ball valve faucet of storage tank
    6. Set of color tubes (4 pc.) for convenient filter installation
    7. Drain saddle clip for connection of the filter to sewers
    8. Set of replacement pre-filters (1st, 2nd, 3rd stages)
    9. DOW FilmtecTM membrane 75 GPD (280 L per day)
    10. Service wrenches for replacement of filters and the membrane

The model is supplied with domestic pump intended for water for ware mains with low pressure. The pump will provide the pressure necessary for pushing water through the membrane. The model is assembled with special metal supporting structure to provide fixation to the filter, as well as convenience and simplicity of its maintenance.  


Stages of water purification:

1.     5 micron pre sediment filter
Remove sand, dirt, worn and rust particles

2. Granule activated carbon filter
    Absorb unusual colors and odors, residual chlorine 

3. 1 micron sediment filter
    Remove sand, dirt, worn and rust particles up to 1 micron

4. Antiscalent ball Antiscalant ball offer superior quality performance characteristics over a range of applications. The antiscalant ball is designed to eliminate scale and reduce fouling in membrane systems. Antiscalant blended to inhibit scale and disperse colloidal particles in cellulose acetate and thin film membrane separation systems.

5. 75 G /100G RO membrane With 0.0001um filtration precision for separating and removing the bacteria , heavy metal ions (As, Cd, Pb, Hg, F…), salt, bad mineral substance and dissolved matter an chemical.

6. 3 stage post treatment filter Mineral Balls
Mineral Balls aid in the oxygenation of water
• Ionized minerals help oxygenate and fortify water.
• Continually releases easily absorbed ionized minerals.
• It contains calcium, iron, magnesium, potassium, zinc and other trace minerals
pH Booster -pH Booster balls boosts the pH of water making it mildly alkaline.
• Alkaline water can help neutralize over-acidity in the body caused by stress, modern diet, air pollution, and acidic bottled water.
Rice Balls - Rice Balls has an anti-bacterium effect.
• Emits beneficial infrared to energize the water.
• Promote multiplication of the intestinal beneficial micro-organisms, produce an immune regulatory factors to enhance the human blood circulatory system, digestion and absorption, drainage metabolism, etc

7. UV Sterilizer / UF Membrane filter UV Sterilizer virtually eliminate microbiological contaminants without using potentially hazardous chemicals. Bacteria, viruses and other micro-organisms absorb the light energy which disrupts their DNA, and are destroyed safely inside a factory tested stainless steel cell.


The reverse osmosis filter is intended for treatment of cold water only.

If time needed to fill the storage tank has increased, it means that the pre-filters are exhausted, and it is necessary to urgently replace them. Delay with the replacement might damage or destroy the membrane. To avoid such critical situations, we strongly recommend to replace the set of pre-filters at least once in 3 months.

If speed of filtration is decreasing significantly, it is necessary to replace the reverse osmosis membrane. We recommend to replace the membrane at least once a year.

In case there are long breaks (exceeding 2 weeks) in filter application, it is necessary to disinfect the domestic water purifiers (see detailed description of the procedure in the manual). When you are not planning to use the filter during a long period of time, it is recommended to turn off water supply to the filter.