1. Aqua-life desalination system design to produce 100 KLD.

2. Operations hours: 20-22 hrs


Our design is based on the following parameters.

Recommendation for Aqua-life feed water parameter:

Important notes:

1. Aqua-life desalination module is an electro mechanical device, our warranty only applicable for supplied Module, pressure vessel, High pressure pump (not including electrical issues) and energy recovery system.

2. System recovery and membrane fouling related issues depends on influent physical water quality and saturation limit of influent chemical parameters like hardness, silica, Boron. etc. So Aqua-life is not responsible for influent qualities related Fouling, recovery and permeate Quality issues and we also strongly advise to match feed water quality recommended by your membrane manufacturers.

3. Necessary pretreatment or Anti scalant is required to achieve Aqua-life recommended feed Water quality for continuous trouble free operation.

4. MGF, ACF, UF, CIP and automation for waste water recycling unit is not included in our offer.

5. Drinking water Standard shall match with WHO recommended norms.


World's best energy efficient and very compact sea water desalination plant

Plant capacity : 100 KLD

Power consumption: 2.9-3.1 kwh/m3

High pressure pump: Imported (ABB)

Membrane : Hydranautics/Toray/DOW/LG

Operational parameter

Energy Consumption from 3.0 Kwh/m3 (30000ppm NaCl) 

Design Feed TDS 45,000 ppm max(NaCl) 

Feed pump capacity : 14m3 /hr Min 

Inlet pressure : 2.5 bar min 

Permeate recovery 35-40 % 

Design Temperature :25 deg.C

Treated water 

Comparison for 100 KLD desalination plant @4 m3 /hr