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According to the UN, each day nearly 1,000 children die due to preventable water and sanitization-related diseases globally. As a charitable foundation to stand for the needy,  Aqua Science, took initiative to complete a three-week project on 20th March 2022 with regard to the Water Day 2022. This project was initiated as a collaboration with the social media users, collecting details from them on schools with drinking water issues in Sri Lanka. Based on the details gathered end of the social media campaign, the two schools, Horampella Junior School, Horampella & Sri Saddhawimala Vidyalaya, Kuliyapitiya were chosen.

Parallel to the filter installation project in these schools, associated the World Water Day, a drawing competition was also organized among the elementary-level children. All their creative and enthusiastic canvases of these kiddos were an exact reflection of how they experience the struggle of providing water and how they view the importance of water. This made our team revived to carry out these projects further throughout the country. And we did not forget to admire these little champs by awarding them with valuable certificates as a token of appreciation. The overall project is now benefitting around 300 students in addition to the schools’ academic and non-academic staff.  

We believe that awareness is an imperative part in community empowerment. Accordingly,  Aquascience launched an awareness program with the purpose of educating the engineers and technical officers all over the island through one of its major divisions, ABC Aqua Science. This was conducted via zoom along with the participation of around 250 officers. Starting at 9 am, the session went productively for nearly 03 hours and the engagement of the occasion was further thrived with the participation of the officers of many government institutes including Department of National Community Water Supply (DNCWS). Particularly the topics such as forest water management, maintenance, technology, water purification and plumbing were taken into discussion and while Nucleas Foundation patronaged the event,  Aquascience of ABC T&I took the pride of being the resource persons of the event. Raising the awareness through continuing these types of programs would be a great catalyst in empowering our own people is our prime belief.


A purified water supply is a necessity of our nation! As a way forward in the journey of empowering the community with a better tomorrow for everyone, we initiated a water purification project in Yattapatha Primary school. Department of National Community Water Supply played a crucial role in directing the project too. At the end of 10 sleeplessly dedicated nights of  Aquascience & ABC Aqua Science members, on 5th April, 2021 the completed purification unit was handed over to the mentioned school. This was a package type water treatment plant with all the fully fledged components included. Particularly, this project specifically correlated two focus area of Aquascience: To establish safe water sources for the community and uplifting standards and infrastructure to facilitate children’s education in Sri Lanka. It’s all because children are the future of the country and they deserve the best…!


The first step towards change is “Awareness”…! As an extension to this, Aquascience hand in hand with ABC Aqua Science, conducted a knowledge sharing session for the Engineers as well as Technical Officers of Department of National Community Water Supply (DNCWS) on 3rd April, 2021. The key purpose of this session was to encourage package type water system plants in Sri Lanka, educating the significance, functionality and benefits of the system to the responsible parties. Particularly, the reason behind  Aquascience promoting these Package Type Water Systems to Sri Lanka is its cost effectiveness which highly suites a country like Sri Lanka as well as its compact size, relative ease of operation and specially design for unattended operation. These finished systems are cost efficient for country’s economy in terms of engineering, design and installation costs, and operation & maintenance and it plays a crucial role in eradicating Chronic Kidney Disease from Sri Lanka’s map. Keeping this as a major focus in our agenda,  Aquascience performs its role further to avail safe drinkable water access for all the Sri Lankans…!

Awareness means empowering…!! Galgamuwa Divisional Secretariat is identified as an area which reports frequent drinking water problems in newscast. Water is often not a common sight in the dry zone. However, during last 3 to 5 years the Galgamuwa Divisional Secretariat division in the Kurunegala District had sadly witnessed this scenario. Particularly, their lakes dried out and most of their paddy fields wilted, while the hope for rain faded away. With the aim of being a strength for this community, Aquascience decided to answer the existing water treatment problems faced by these people. Consequently, on 12th September, 2020, we initiated an awareness program mainly targeting Galgamuwa Divisional Secretariat Offices on the existing water treatment problems and problems faced by the community organizations in the Galgamuwa Divisional Secretariat Division, the problems faced in distribution etc. the officials of the National Community Water Supply Department, Divisional Secretariat ABC Trade and Investments (Pvt) Ltd participated in that event through the direction of Aquascience. We believe that this session was significant for the participants in terms of familiarizing how to properly maintain RO equipment as well as to learn the uses of modern technology in rural water schemes which would play a decisive role in answering the prevailing problems of the people in Galgamuwa.

Denoted by UN, the world is under an extreme threat from the growing population with its simultaneously increasing demands for agriculture and the worsening impacts of the climatic changes. 29 percent of the global population in 2017 reported to have no access to drinking water free from contaminations. Even worse, 11 percent of the global population lacked even basic drinking water services. Taking Sri Lanka’s condition into consideration, only 57.7 percent of the population has access to a pipe borne water. The remaining population depends upon other methods such as protected dug wells, rainwater harvesting systems and nearby public point sources. Amidst the ongoing droughts which emerges in dry zones which covers 70 percent of the land area in Sri Lanka, UN denotes that safe water continuous to be a crucial issue in areas such as Anuradhapura, Polonnaruwa, Puttalam, Kurunegala, and Vavuniya. In extension to this disclosure, Aquascience took initiatives to hold a knowledge sharing session, particularly targeting Anuradhapura District in North Central province Sri Lanka. During this session, Aquascience was capable of passing a great knowledge to the paticipants on using Nano Technology for Water Treatments. Particularly, the resource persons were Ms Malki Ranasinghe & Mr Kasun Rathnayake representing ABC Aqua Science. In the future, we hope to educate the public as well as the relevant authorities further on latest technological innovations which can be utilized to upgrade the standards of living of Sri Lankans through systematic and comprehensive practical exposures.

Dental Medical Professionals, Doctors and Associates are more vulnerable to COVID 19 pandemic. Thereby, we recognized Institute of Oral Health, Maharagama as a critical place with a higher probability to be exposed to viruses during this pandemic era as daily over 400+ outdoor patients are treated for oral healthcare. Accordingly, Aquascience donated a STERIONIZER a 24x7 indoor air disinfection unit to the Institute of Oral Health, Maharagama through ABC Trade & Investments Pvt Ltd in July, 2020. The STERIONIZER is an air disinfection device based on a patented bipolar ionization technology, specifically developed to bring the health and quality of nature’s air to indoor environments, thus renewing indoor air by removing harmful pollutants, such as bacteria, viruses (Including Covid-19), fungi, and spores. Mr.Amalraj Jayaseelan, the Director/CEO of ABC Trade & Investments handed over the unit to Dr. Manoj Jayakody Deputy Director Institute of Oral Health Maharagama, in the presence of Prof. Mahesh Jayaweera, Head of Division Environmental Engineering, Department of Civil Engineering, University of Moratuwa and Dr.Hemantha Amarasinghe, Consultant in community Dentistry, Institute of Oral Health, Maharagama.

Announces the introduction of Indoor Air Disinfection systems in combatting Covid 19 situation in the country through two developed technologies; the Ozone Gas Generators and Bipolar Ionization. LCF through ABC T&I donated an Indoor Ozone Disinfector to the Public Library, Colombo with the Ozone Gas Generator, to combat the Covid 19 situation, in the presences of the Mayor of Colombo, Ms. Rosie Senanayaka by Mr. Amalraj Jayaseelan, Founder of LCF. The Ozone Gas Generator is the best available method to completely disinfect an unoccupied closed room and content inside it, within a short period of time. Ozone is a well-known powerful oxidizer, which could kill microorganisms effectively. It penetrates every corner of the room, thus disinfecting the entire room effectively. Ozone readily converts into oxygen, leaving no harmful residual after disinfection and is considered as an environmentally friendly disinfectant.

According to United Nations ESCAP (Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific), global pandemic fallout caused by the corona virus is assessed to be one of the most colossal deathtraps in world’s history, far worse than anything experienced before. World Bank estimations suggest that as a result of COVID19, over 500,000 people in Sri Lanka will be suppressed by the poverty line.

However, as Sri Lankans we are known to come together in times of need and adversity. COVID-19 became a classic example to prove this fact. As a disaster, it affected everyone’s lives, downsizing economies and isolating people physically from one another. But on the flip side, it unwittingly heartened humanity among people. We stood as a nation during this period and the abrupt but progressive rise of temporary COVID hospitals, readily available voluntary supports of industry specialists, people being lavishly philanthropic to one another with whichever the things they could made the country blissful.

As a token of appreciation for all the first respondent volunteers who were working hard and dedicatedly to ensure the safety of the affected communities, we took initiatives to make a thoughtful gesture for benefiting the Army-improvised COVID hospital – Seeduwa. As one of the significant stretches of the ongoing charities conducted by ABC Aqua Science, we donated an electronic water filter for this hospital which is anticipated to benefit all the parties in the center.

Alone we can do little

But together, we can do much…!!

Letter of Appreciation

Letter Sri Lanka Army

ABC Trade & Investments (Pvt) Ltd is deeply proud of our steadfast, decade-long dedication to providing purified, safe drinking water to rural communities throughout Sri Lanka. With a robust track record of successfully executing over 120 Scott Projects, our commitment has grown stronger with the passage of time.

In 2023, we are thrilled to embark on a new chapter with the launch of our second wave of water purification projects in Anuradhapura and Kurunegala. This initiative, running from November 30th to December 3rd, signifies a profound commitment to transforming the lives of residents in Pannala, Awlegama, Wasiwewa, Ranorawa, Mahananneriya, Galgamuwa, Galnewa, Kahatagasdigiliya, Dutuwewa, Tirappane, and Nocchchiyagama.

These projects have been initiated at the request of esteemed organizations such as the Department of National Community Water Supply in Kurunegala and Anuradhapura, the United Nations Development Programme, and the National Water Supply & Drainage Board in Anuradhapura. Their recognition of the urgent need for clean water in these regions underscores the collaborative effort behind this crucial cause.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to Mr. Scott Walker, an Australian citizen whose generous sponsorship has played a pivotal role in turning these projects into a reality. His support serves as a beacon of hope, guiding us toward a healthier and more sustainable future for the communities we are privileged to serve.

At ABC Trade & Investments Pvt Ltd, we carry out the installation and maintenance of water purification systems with meticulous precision and care. Our team's expertise guarantees the durability and effectiveness of these projects, enhancing their positive influence on the daily lives of residents in rural areas.

As we reflect on our journey, we recognize the significance of collaboration, unwavering dedication, and the support of individuals like Mr. Scott Walker. Together, we are not merely providing water; we are instigating a positive transformation that reverberates through communities, leaving behind a legacy of health and prosperity for generations to come.

water project anuradhapura
water treatment in anuradhapura

On March 15, 2024, "සුරැකි දිවියට සුවැති ජලය" initiative, the next phase of the "SCOTT Project" social mission, was executed under the auspices of the W.C.C. Welfare Officers Association and directed by Anuradhapura, specifically targeting the Medavachchiya, Thulana, Wahamalgollawa village area to address the critical need for clean public drinking water. This endeavor necessitated the collection of over 500 units of clean water. In a remarkable display of corporate social responsibility, ABC Investments (Pvt) Ltd's Aqua Science Division generously donated internal water filtration systems to be installed and utilized by local residents.

This occasion was graced by the presence of Mr. Scott Walker and a contingent of other distinguished Australians, who attended as esteemed chief guests. Their participation served to underscore the significance of collaborative efforts in addressing pressing societal needs.

In extending our gratitude, we express our sincere appreciation to all individuals and entities who contributed and collaborated in any capacity to ensure the successful realization of this endeavor. Your support has been instrumental in improving the quality of life for the communities we serve, and we are deeply thankful for your unwavering commitment to social welfare.