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Water Purification & Health Care Division

ABC Trade & Investments (Pvt) Ltd. Healthcare products with a vision to make Sri Lanka a healthy and a happy place in drinking purified water. Pioneers in bringing the revolutionary Reverse Osmosis (RO) technology to Sri Lanka, ABC T & I started its operations 2011.


Over the years of experience, it has evolved as a market leader providing technologically advanced healthcare products ranging from domestic to industrial water purification solutions. It has become synonymous with offering purity and is known for its strength in technological performance and innovative designs enhancing quality drinking water every day.

Green Building Council of Sri Lanka (GBCSL) is a consensus –based not for profit organization, with divers and integrated representation form all sectors of the property industry, environment and academia. This was established with a joint effort by the professional institutions of architects, engineers, structural engineers, town planners, quality surveyors, university academics, construction industry leaders and environmentalists and business leader. In order to assure the international recognition, the council is now linked with the World Green Building Council, which represents about 80 countries ranging from developed to developing nations.

Clean water every time

Our unique and advanced filtration system uses a combination of ceramics, activated carbon and hollow fibre membrane filters to remove unwanted substances, leaving you with clean and great tasting water wherever you are, whenever you want it.

Industrial Reverse Osmosis & Water Treatment?

specialized in designing & manufacturing commercial & industrial reverse osmosis (RO) water treatment and purification systems for over 15 years with over 9,000 water purification systems built, including 2,000 customized systems.

Why Choose Us ?

Well, lots of reasons, but most importantly because..

Well trained technical staff

Experienced & Qualified technical team to support customer requirements

Unmatchable working experience with CBO’s

Excellent after sales service

On call support for the installed water purifications by qualified sales and technical team

On call support for the installed water purifications by qualified sales and technical team

Service reminders for the installed RO plants via SMS and Email

Unique Technical and Maintenance methods

Unmatched methods of consultations and installation for the water purification solutions

24 x 7 Support

Telephone support will be available on designated support telephone lines

One year Product Warranty

Comprehensive 1 Year warranty for the products from the date of installation

Service warranty* (after first Year)

Affordable service package from the date completion of warranty

365 days on site support

Technical and Marketing support at customer convenience

Once a month site visit*

Consultation for the RO plants installed

Freely availability of replacement cartridge

Island wide available replacements of cartridges and spares


Frequently Asked Questions About Reverse OSMOSIS

Osmosis is a natural process by which water flows into plant and animal cells, through cellular membranes,


There are a number of methods of water treatment, for example, media filtration, activated carbon filtration, water softening, and de-ionization.




During the past two years, The Salvation Army has purchased six water purification units and six domestic filters through ABC Trade & Investments (pvt). These water purification units and domestic filters have then been gifted to communities throughout the Polonnaruwa District.

Captain Rochelle Moffatt

Project & Sponsorship Officer - The Salvation Army
We are extremely pleased with the systems which continue to perform well and the aftercare services provided by ABC including regional representatives Contents: "We are extremely pleased with the systems which continue to perform well and the aftercare services provided by ABC including regional representatives visiting the remote regions where we have set up these plants to conducted a very detailed and personable information session to introduce the system and win over the villages to use the plant by explaining in very clear and precis terms the importance of the RO system, how it works and how it will benefit the people."

Ananda Jayawardana

Foundation of goodness


We'll do everything we can to make our next best project!


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