Bipolar devices for centralized AC systems (HVAC)

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AtmosAir from USA is one of the leading bipolar ionization unit manufacturers in the world which has conducted extensive research and development on bipolar ionization technology. It is well known for carrying out large-scale air purification projects for energy saving and indoor air purifying by centralized AC systems (HVAC). AtmosAir's bi-polar ion technology can reduce coronavirus by 99.92 percent within 30 minutes. Tests performed by Microchem Laboratory, one of the world's preeminent laboratories for testing sanitizing products registered by the EPA and FDA.

AtmosAir™ a product of USA, AtmosAir™ eliminates pollutants and restores air quality in commercial, industrial and residential buildings. When you choose AtmosAir™, you'll refresh your indoor environment with the same clean, pure air found only at the highest mountain elevations.More Details

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  • Made in USA
  • Compliant with UL, RoHS, ETL product certifications 
  • Disinfects air by producing and distributing a controlled amount of positive and negative air ions, which interact with oppositely charged elements.
  • Does not rely on contaminants passing through the unit to be cleaned, the bi-polar ionization process allows for air cleaning to occur within the desired space treating a larger volume of air within the breathing range.
  • AtmosAirTM‘s patented BPI technology does not produce harmful chemicals or products such as ultraviolet (UV) and ozone.
  • Effective against bacteria, spores, VOC compounds and particles.
  • Treats the source of contamination.
  • Can be incorporated into central HVAC systems or used as standalone units.
  • Will not restrict airflow when incorporated into central systems.
  • Requires maintenance each year to replace worn tubes.


Installation of AtmosAirTM systems are very easy. AtmosAirTM systems can be installed to duct lines after the air handling units (AHU) and purify indoor air by bipolar ionization.

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