About Ecomix

Filtration media for problem water. Advanced multi-purpose softening material for problem water. Five major problems of well water are easily solved by just one filter, instead of two or three units in conventional approaches. Significant decrease of capital costs can be achieved!

Proven technology. The technology has been proved by four patents and successful experience of thousands systems operating for 10 years all around Europe.

Easy operation. Unit operates similar to traditional softener, regenerated by pelletized NaCl.

Consistent reliability. Efficiency does not depend on pH, organics, chlorine or hydrogen sulfide content. The most reliable technology for iron removal — treats ANY water within the iron and manganese concentration limits. Full guarantee of efficiency from the manufacturer!

High efficiency. Filter is more effective than traditional iron removal systems. Acceptable concentrations of iron and manganese in raw water are higher (15 ppm and 3 ppm), rejection rates — up to 99%.

Key figures
  • More than 10000 systems working for 12 years all around Europe
  • Long service life — up to 10 years
  • 2 year manufacturers warranty
  • Low cost of 1 m3 — 2,2 times lower than traditional technologies
  • Salt consumption — only 100 g per liter of Ecomix
  • Water consumption — only 10 liters per liter of Ecomix
Key advantages
    • Removes any form of iron (ferric, ferrous, organic and colloidal)
    • High concentration limits for iron and manganese removal
    • Low salt and water usage for regeneration
    • Utilizes in traditional softeners
    • Clear application guide

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