Sewage recycling system for small communities and offices

EcoSBRaqua is advanced sewage treatment systems is ideal and smart sewage treatment and water recycling solution for small communities starting from 5 dwelling units and up to 50 dwelling units with up to 250 people. Offices with upto 500 staff could recycle their entire sewage with EcoSBRaqua system without any need for operator.

Perfect water recycling solution for,

  • Small communities with 5 to 50 dwelling units.
  • Industries with up to 500 people.
  • Software and IT offices.
  • Small and mid scale business/ warehouse.
  • Hotels and resorts from 10 rooms to 50 rooms.
  • Schools with up to 1000 students.
  • Offices from 100 people to 1500 people.
  • Hostels and serviced apartments.
  • Sport center/ cafe/ gym/ recreation centers.


  • EcoSBR aqua plants are designed to be installed in locations where there is space constraint and available space is premium.
  • The tanks and treatment facility can be accommodated under the walkway, ramp or even at the entrance to a building.
  • The plant room can be a portion of the security guard room.
  • By having EcoSBR aqua you can allocate more space for car parking, gardening and other activities. 
  • Basement space can be used for parking which is usually allocated for sewage treatment plant. 


  • Noiseless that it can be part of the security room.
  • Treatment happens automatically.
  • No need for operator.
  • Intelligent alarm and error detection system.
  • Long life components.
  • Fully underground.
  • Airlift systems overcome the usage of unnecessary pumping systems.
  • Ecosave mode saves energy on weekend and holidays.
  • Optional EcoTec RemoteMonitor available.

       Treatment Solutions

  • The hoses connections are made of high quality stainless steel (SS304) ensuring reliable long life in corrosive sewage environment.
  • Each plant is tested and calibrated once the installation is complete by filling clean water into the tanks.
  • All technical components of the plant are preassembled in our factory and are ready to be connected (plug and play) in each site within days.

Operating Principle 

EcoSBR plats operate as seqence batch reactors and the below steps are followed one after another for treating and purifying wastewater.

1. Filling

   Required quantity of sewage water from the collection tank is pumped into the aeration chamber also called as SBR chamber/reactor for treatment.

2. Aeration

   Activated sludge in the presence of air/ oxygen consumes the pollutants in the SBR chamber. Air is supplied in time sequenced manner in this phase.

3. Sedimentation

   Activated sludge settles to the bottom when air supply is cut off, with a clear water zone appearing at the top. This clear water is ready to be taken out of the chamber.

4. Discharge

   Clear water with low suspended solids is taken out of the SBR chamber for disposal, treatment for reuse and recycle. The settled sludge is removed for further storage and disposal.