Sintex FRP Underground & Aboveground Fuel Storage Tanks

                                          Underground Fuel Tanks (UGT)

FRP is the international standard for large-scale fuel storage due to (1) Corrosion proof (2) Leak Proof (3) Light in weight and Strong as Metal (4) Safety and Protection from Land Pollution (5) Keeps fuel Clean (No leaching) (6) Ideal substitute for Metal.                                          

  Unique Technology available with Sintex only

  Key Accounts in India Include Shell, IOC, HPCL, Essar

   Sintex FRP Fuel Storage Tanks

    Sintex is offering FRP Fuel Storage Tanks since 2006

    Headquarters & Plant at Kalol (Gujarat)

    Sintex Manufacture Tanks with “Chop~Hoop” winding Technology for more than 15 years. Chop Hoop Winding Technology FRP         Tanks are more long-lasting with improved interlaminar shear strength as well as better structural strength in the longitudinal         direction compare to filament winding tanks.

   Sintex is the only Manufacturer in India to offer FRP Fuel Storage tanks that are UL 1316 Certified.               

    Underwriters’ laboratory USA collects Laminate samples periodically and tests them to ensure that tanks are manufactured as per UL Guidelines.

  Manufacturing Capacity

30/Month – Double Wall
40/Month – Single Wall

     Warranty – All Sintex FRP Fuel Storage Tanks are having Warranty of One Year from Installation

Sintex FRP Fuel Storage Tanks