Geo Green Package Type Sewage Treatment Plant

ABC Trade & Investments, Aqua Science division offers innovative sewage management, treatment and reuse solutions for community and urban applications. Through our partnership with Geo Green Enviro Engineers in india, Aqua Science have developed an infrastructure model to specifically meet the growth and servicing challenges.

Geo Green Enviro Engineers is pioneer in providing turnkey solutions for the water & waste water treatments. Geo Green is engaged in fabrication, supply & services in the field of environmental products with high quality and standards to serve the client for the clean & green environment. Geo Green is based on futuristic vision & values such as integrity & trust which are the pillars of success. Also expertise in offering readymade Packaged Water Systems both in industrial & domestic requirements. Geo Green provides quality solutions with very competitive price and back up its technology with excellent after sales services.

Middle Scale Plants

Middle Scale Geo Green plants area mainly focused on middle scale hotels, apartments and commercial buildings capacity more than 15m3 . Which minimize the space requirement and increase the reusability of water

Large Scale Plants

Large Scale Geo Green plants are mainly focused on large scale hotels, stores and apartments building capacity more than 50m3 . Compact design helps reduce excavation and construction cost. Also giving opportunity to reuse

Moving Bed Bio Reactor Technology

MBBR is a highly effective biological treatment process based on a combination of conventional activated sludge process and biofilm media. The MBBR process utilizes floating High Capacity Microorganism Biochips media within the aeration and anoxic tanks. The microorganisms consume organic material. The media provides increased surface area for the biological microorganisms to attach and grow. The increased surface area reduces the footprint of the tanks required to treat the wastewater. The treatment process can be aerobic and/or anaerobic and operates at high volume loads.

MBBR Media

Deliver more compact aeration tank comparing to another treatment process using contact media

The specific surface area of moving bed tank in Kubota Wastewater treatment plant (Johkasou) is 7 times larger than fixed bed type. Therefore, the system provides higher BOD capacity load and delivers excellent treatment performance in compact size with cheap construction cost and low footprint. Besides, performance of nitrification process could become higher just by simply increasing amount of media.

What’s happening in Geo Green

Kubota's environmental friendly wastewater treatment plants 

Geo Green wastewater treatment plants, which have achieved 90% or higher BOD removal rate, deliver excellent treated water quality with BOD of 20 mg/l or less (in case influent BOD is 350 mg/l). Their compact body fits any installation place while providing powerful treatment performance comparable to a sewage system.

How  Geo Green works

 Anaerobic Treatment

• The Influent enters the system through Bar Screen to isolate the foreign particles.

• Anaerobic Treatment Zone is the Oxygen depleted zone where in solids are settles down and the floating scum are floated in the zone.

• Water is separated from the sludge's are directed to next zone.

Anoxic Treatment

• Water with suspended particles enters the Anoxic Zone where the Pre Denitrification process takes place with the Recirculated Sludge from the Sedimentation Zone.

• Due to low dissolved oxygen level in the zone the anoxic bacteria convert the nitrate into nitrogen gas

• Which results the lowering of BOD & COD levels before the Aeration (MBBR) Zone.

• The BOD & COD Level reduces to 35 45%

Aerobic Treatment

• Water from the Anoxic zone enters to the Aerobic (MBBR) Zone with low BOD & COD level.

• In Aerobic Zone the aerobic bacteria develop with the help of oxygen supplied by the blowers.

• Decomposes the organic matters by biological degradation and hence the water enriches in dissolved oxygen level

• BOD & COD level reduces to 55 60%. In this Zone MBBR Bio Media is introduced to increase the surface area for the better bacterial cultivation and to reduce the foot print of the system.


• Water from the Aerobic zone consists of bacterial culture enters the sedimentation Zone, wherein the culture is get settle down and the clear water passes to the Filter Feed Tank to get process in the Tertiary Treatment Zone.

• The Settled culture is redirected to the Anoxic Zone to perform the Pre Denitrification Process.

Tertiary Treatment

• BOD & COD Level reduced water get stored in the Filter Feed Tank. The Water with unsettled suspended particles are get removed by Pressure Sand Filter.

• Then the water get bleached & Odor removed by Activated Carbon Filter.

• Finally, the water is sanitized by dosing the liquid Sodium hypo chloride and ready for general purpose