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3G AQUA is one of the fast growing business groups in India having interest in diversified sectors. We believe in leading the trend, not following it. This is the spirit that inspires us to experiment innovative ideas and invent unique product range, ahead of time. Our Water Treatment Systems are the proofs.

3G AQUA is the proud owner of patented Redox Water Treatment System for Natural Water Resources. After years of research and investigations, our engineers have developed unique Natural Water Treatment Systems for Domestic, Industrial and Agricultural Applications. The mostsalient feature of our inventions, after their excellent water treatment capacity, is 100%Maintenance Free Technology, which makes it Efficient, Economic and Eco Friendly Water Purifying System. 

Quality and Affordability have been the two most important factors that guide our Research andDevelopment Division. We strive to develop the best quality products at affordable price range,and that is how we have developed a good market for our products not only in India, but severalother countries such as UAE, Saudi Arab, Pakistan, Srilanka, Bangladesh, Oman, Qatar, Bahrain,Australia, US,UK,Europe,UAE,Zimbabwe,IRAN,Thailand and many more. You can find us easily on internet as well.

We welcome any business inquiry for manufacturing and supplying products as per your specification, in your brand name, or we are equally interested to join hands with you as our distributor in your area. We offer the best quality products, a well developed market and a handsome income opportunity.

We have introduced 3 Unique Water Treatment Systems to Cater Respective Segments:



Water Problem & Solution


Water Problems

We are living on the verge of extreme environmental degradation and polluted atmosphere. The extreme use of chemicals in domestic, industrial and agricultural applications has robbed our water of its natural therapeutic abilities. The water thatwe use in our homes or industries comes in hard form with lime, rust, algae and many harmful chemicals and heavy metals. This contaminated water works as slow poison not only for human beings but also affects the efficiency of land, livestock,and machines. Here is how: 

  • The impure water may be contaminated with toxic metals which can cause serious health threat to the brain, kidneys, the entire nervous system, blood pressure and red blood cells. It can do serious life long damages to infants, children like delay in physical or mental development,and mental deficits and is equally harmful for pregnant ladies, too.
  • Hard water destroys the quality of clothes and reduces normal life span as much as up to 40% .
  • Hard water destroys the cleaning capacity of soaps and detergents and leaves our body, hair and other utensils unclean.
  • Hard Water deposits scales up into plumbing systems, pipelines, boiler systems, solar heating systems, cooling towers etc and reduces their efficiency and life both.
  • Hard Water in farms results in less absorption, more evaporation, and less production,requiring greater quantity of pesticides and fertilizers.


Water Solution

Soft Water is the only permanent solution of all Hard Water Created problems. It lets soap workwell on your body and cleans it well, removes soils, bacteria and opens the pores to healthy skinIt makes your hair soft, silky and shining with health. So is true for your clothes, too. A little quantity of soap or shampoo can work wonders for you now. You get cleaner utensils, free ofhealth hazard now. Everything cleans perfect with soft water. It prevents scaling in pipelines andequipments, and improves their life and efficiency both. You can save as much as 22% energy at home or works by using appropriate Natural Water Treatment System.


Natural Water Treatment Solution

Our Products CATALYTIC 3G Aqua, CATALYTIC 3G Aqua Plus and CATALYTIC 4G Aqua (Agro Aqua) are 100% Natural Water Treatment Systems which work on our patented Redox (Oxidation-Reduction) Technology and enables water flow freely through the system without causing deposits,rust, corrosion. They use No External Chemical, No Electricity, No Salts or No Resins in the process hence are 100% Maintenance Free and Natural Water Treatment System.


Catalytic 3G Aqua 



3GAqua is a heavy duty product and has been specially designed to serve industrial Applications, It can be used for all Domestic, Commercial, Industrial and Agricultural applications with equal ease andefficiency for treatment of Polluted and Hard Water from all Natural Water Resources,The patented electro chemical oxidation (Redox) technology safely removes chlorine, iron, hydrogen, sulphide, lead, mercury, nickel, chromium, other water soluble heavy metals andbacteria from the water, eliminates scale, fungi, rust and algae, prevents deposits and returns crystal clear soft water for direct use. The technology effectively treats hot water, too.


3GAqua islabtested 100% recyclable system which contains nochemical additives. It can be used in Hospitals, boiler,cooling tower ,recuitment system, Hotels, Restaurants and Swimming Pools as a Natural Water Treatment System for treating municipal water into soft water. It is an ideal solution for use in GAC Beds, Ion ExchangeResins, Carbon Block Filters , Inline Carbon Filters,other water treatment and filtration system. It dispenses the need of costlyand harmful chemicals in water treatment process and results into Low-cost, High-efficiency. Zero Maintenance and Greater Productivity.


In cooling tower applications, there's heat involved that is warming the water, and heating water,combined with concentration of hardness through evaporation precipitates the scale forming compounds as filterable solids. It coats pipes, heat exchangers and has a big effect on efficiency Our system eliminates the creation of scale and it also removes any existing scale from a process water system. It was effectively used on major municipal Cooling Towers to control algae and bacteria, without using harmful chemicals.If you've a problem with moderated "hard water", the CATALYTIC 3G AQUA (Natural Water TreatmentSystem) units will soften your water,although it is not a water softener. It will change the molecular shape of the Calcium crystal so that the calcium will be unable to adhere to a surface and will flow through in the water stream. In this way no scaling should occur and the water will behave like soft water. Redox Technology, used in 3G Aqua System, removed upto 98% of water soluble cations (positivelycharged ions) of lead, mercury, copper, nickel, chromium, and other water soluble heavy metals. The technology converted all soluble lead cations into insoluble lead atoms which are then


Using CATALYTIC 3G Aqua Natural Water Treatment System in factories will save your machines and watertreatment systems from scaling problems,rust and algae, which are commonly found in Hot and Cold Water Systems, Heat Exchangers, Injection Machines, Cooling Towers, Condensers,Compressors, Softeners, Pressure Hosing Machines, Pumps, Vacuum Pumps, Electric Valves, Photography Laboratories, Fountains, Cooling Systems, Casting Ovens, Solar Systems and other similar equipments due to Hard Water supplies.It can also be used to replace silver impregnated systems because silver is toxic and much costlier han 3G Aqua Natural Water Treatment System .




A group of five boilers, 30 Litre electrical water heaters were operated against a group of five boilers connected to five "3G AQUA" Water Treatment System Units. All boilers were operated simultaneously under the same conditions.


Operation of the whole system was conducted er of 600 C., emptying and filling taps are opened for 4 minutes, during which the heating stops and the boilers cool.

Waterflow to boilers was set up to 10 L/min

Heating elements (1500w, 10.6 w/cm).

Total hardness: 140 mg/L.



Electricity Range(%) = (M1 - M2)/M2 X 100

M1 = Scale and precipitate dry weight of the 3G AQUA treated boiler.

M2 = Scale and precipitate dry weight of the control boiler, Scale formation during 650 hours of operation:


A1 mm crust of lime scale on a heating element is equal to a 10% increase in energy consumption

3G AQUA Water Treatment System reduces scale formation in boilers with an efficiency range of 72% 92% and electricity saving of 5% - 20%