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Type: 35%  Chlorine Powder

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Calcium Hypochlorite or Chlorine is a disinfection and bleaching agent. Chlorine Sri Lanka finds application in Water Treatment, Swimming Pools, Textile Mills, Hand Looms, Hosiery, Laundry, Paper, Soap and Silicate manufacturing in Sri Lanka. Chlorine powder acts as an oxidizing agent in organic synthesis. Note carefully, It is not for Medicinal Use.

Chlorine Sri Lanka is used as a disinfectant in Swimming pools and used as a sanitizer in emergency situations such as floods, heavy rains, etc. We provide 70% Granular chlorine for Rs. 37,000

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    Calcium Hypochlorite 35% is a widely used chemical. It decomposes on contact with water, releasing chlorine at the point of application. This makes it a strong oxidizing and bleaching agent.

·             Safety/ Precaution

    Keep away from water, acid, combustible material and heat.

·            Storage

   When used in Sri Lanka, Store in cool, dry, well-ventilated area, away from the source of heat, direct sunlight.


Calcium hypochlorite 70% min




White Granules



Available Chlorine %

70.00% min

Water Content (Moisture)%

4.00 - 10.00%

Water Insoluble %

4.00 - 5.00%

Sodium Chloride %

15.00% max

Granular Size ASTM 14

96.00% min.

Granular Size ASTM 100

4.00% max.

Stability Loss

10.00% max.

Ph (aqueous solution 5%)

11 - 12

Scope of Chlorine Sri Lanka

  •                        Drinking water treatment plants
  •                        Water Treatment Plants
  •                        Swimming Pool Sanitization
  •                        Aquaculture (Shrimp farming & fisheries) Water Treatment
  •                        Textile & Leather bleaching
  •                        Paper & Pulp bleaching
  •                        Industrial Sanitization
  •                        Fruits & Vegetation Washing
  •                        Hospitals & hotel disinfection


                        Chlorine Sri Lanka




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