Septic Tanks


Waste Water Treatment


Blockages due to undigested sewage solids, fats oil grease, paper, starch etc is the major problem faced by septic tank managers. Cleanmaxx® Septic is designed to break this vicious cycle and restore full efficiency of septic tank. Cleanmaxx® Septic has a mix of high multiplication rate facultative and anaerobic bacteria and enzymes that attack different organic substrates. FOG is degraded rapidly leading to opening up of clogs and reduction in septic sludge volume. It reduces cleaning frequency by 10-15 times saving your time, efforts and money.


  • Restores biologic health of the septic systems naturally.
  • Cleanmaxx® Septic biodegrades organic blockages in drain field lines, gravel leach pits and porous stone pit walls.
  • Keeps septic lines and drain fields cleaner with reduced carryover of undigested organic pollutants.
  • Reduce septic tank pump-outs.
  • Operational savings are perhaps the greatest product benefit, preventing messy drainage & treatment system clogs, costly downtime and major repairs.
  • Microbial digestion by Cleanmaxx® Septic is the simplest and cleanest way to reduce your septic tank waste and keep it working properly.